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Assessment, Investment, Management: keywords of our success

Our mission is to develop any actions and strategies in support of transformation processes in the companies, by using innovative approaches, professional capabilities and unique experiences on the market. In addition to offer to our customers a policy strategy and an operational program, we are able to carry out directly the management, organizational, financial, technological and territorial transformations.

Our activities are accompanied by a constant cooperation with Institutional bodies and social organisations responsibles for the study and the territorial development, by identifying and carrying out, Win-Win solutions for the companies, for the territory and for the employment.

Deep experiences
M&A – This kind of project is very complex. All enterprise components and prospectives are involved during pre and post merge. Business, HR, Legal, Financial, Organization and IT must be re-fit. Many risks are hidden, practices and experinces are the correct tools to mitigate its. We can help our customers to reach a success of operation without losing productivity. 

Organization & Process review – People and processes are the most important value chain components. They can generate more value when supported by training, innovation and improving. To help a company performance, we fit organization in a new business frame. Change frame, change organization. 
IT Transformation – Systems and infrastructure must be follow the business requirement at meantime, if possible. We help our clients to understand the best IT architecture and drive the changement. Enterprise processes are made by manual, performed by role, and authomatic, performed by system component, activities. We can manage a unique view of processes.   

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